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Help Needed, 20 Or 26?


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Hiya there people,

ive recently been having problems on my 26 getting on with it. the problem was that i used to ride 20 inch and then started to ride 26 and found that i could back wheel bigger stuff. today i got on my mates 20" t-pro that i built him which is super light and i wheel transfered from vertical, something which i have only dreamed of on a 26!!

im selling my frame anyway but do people think i should ride 20 again and get really good on it and then change back to 26 or stick with it. i can sidehop better on a 20" aswel.

if people think it helps i currently ride a kotr ms2 in 1065 wb, im looking if i get a 20" to get the new zoo or if i stay 26 then il get the new pitbull 06.

any help appreciated,



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hi there,

i recently changed from a vinco to an 06 python, i found to start of with exactly like you that the stock was better but thewn it all went downhill so i changed to a mod and im loving it, to be honest it is up to you, depends on what you want really, :closedeyes:

thanks ian

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Two of my friends both ride onza T-rex's and when they get on a longish mod, they throw them about and get over things that they would usually struggle to do on a 26". They are always playing on my mates Echo Team 20" (Y) (amazing bike). But they are adamant that they want to stay 26". It all depends on your riding style, and you can do certain things better when on different size bikes. tis your call.

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Sounds to me a lot like your getting confused between what is important and what gains you status.

Think about it for a while, which do you ENJOY riding. If you go out on your 26 do have lots more fun than when you rode your mod? On the flip side did you love riding your mod and now you hate 26.

Don't be controlled by what you ride 'best' it's not about back wheeling the highest or gapping the furthest it's about having fun. If your comfortable on a bike you will enjoy it.

People don't ride 24inch bmx set up because they can gap 12feet, it's because it's the most fun!

Think about it.

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