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yo reet.

got adobe working this afternoon so used up this shit footage i got aha, seemed a waste to not use it and i wanted to get my files clear for the start of my next project.

bit o wayne, bit o jon and a bit o me

so here it is.

woop, sorry.

ps i know its shit, so dont go on.

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Si you legend...where and what is that site :o

Before people start praising me or what ever, it isn't my site, nor my server, i'm just involved in it. :)

I did try and start Trials-Shack up again christmas day, it was in my MSN name for around 5 minutes, until i noticed that people from the UK can't buy USA packages from the host dvideos.net uses. Which sucked.

http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/forum/index....showtopic=68412 Is the thread, as a few seem to have missed it. :P

But yeah, just thought i would clear that up.

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Cool Little vid there James...

That natural spot, is that the p;ace near where your grandparents (i think) live up on bodmin moor??? if so looks like the next time i am down from UNI i will be heading there!!!


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That was one of the nites i manged to get that tyre tap that high to both wheels, but now i can do it just rear wheel. The skatepark is in porthcawl.


Aghhh rite, thats why it looks different it was both wheels, haha, It looked like one, I'd say 2 wheels was harder than backwheel only though. Awsome.


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that is some noice!!!! natural riding, going to have to hooooooooooooook up with you porter and go ride there at some point looks awesum!

i have only just seen that sidehop played back and i didnt actually think that i like front to backed it :S it is quite odd. one of my better sidehops that. altho there is one where i live which is quite nice to a really thin wall thats quite big.

ye the skatepark in porthcawl had many lines enclosed within!!!! specially for a skatepark :P


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