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what do you guys do when you're not ridding (indoors), i listen to music watch a bit of tele and come on here i also like to have a fiddle with my bike and make sure thats all good but that all gets a bit boring after a while so i was wondering what you goes did.

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I like to sleep! If not come on the tinternet and chat people on msn, come on hear and southerndownhill.

If not that i will phone mates, or make amusing prank phone calles.

Failing that i just tinker with the bikes or do somesort of exercise, press ups, sit ups jogging on the spot ect ect. :)

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Yeah I visit the forum and check everything and everyone, or I browse places like crc + ebay looking for new parts...

I fiddle with my bike too, I also think whether there's any things I could be doing that I've been meaning to do for a while... like cleaning out maggie pistons or cleaning out disc caliper...

Nathan :)

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