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Freeride Video Game


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John, you need to sort out a Trials Video Game soon!!! :lol:

this is true...

its on the backburner till I get my motherboard replaced. this poor little laptop can't handle serious 3d work so im learning flash again


- on the subject, are there any post-grad C or Java programmers on here with nothing to do ?

pref with a little realtime 3d experience (ut2003/4 mods ideally)...

its a long shot, i suspect i may be on my own here..... but pm me if you qualify and fancy thinking about a trials game - it shouldnt take more than about 6 months..

Havent watched the movies yet but I think people have been a bit harsh on him. It looks like he's a final year student which means he was in the same boat as i was when i made my final project (ie.72 hour days and too much drugs n coffee cos youve only got 3 months do do a years worth of work)

mine was better though - you got to kill cows and zombies

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IPB Image

Does anyone read anything more then the page they are directed to?

hell no.. that's like using the search on a forum :P

ok - not quite a final year student. arc-9 interactive is a bunch of students who decided to start a game company - thus far they don't appear to have released anything.

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