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White Industries Freewheel!


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as i've been reading round, people have been saying get the green eno or get the red eno? is there a difference, or am i mixed up with something else? thanks

the green one is the heavy duty trials version.

it has 72 engagement points and 6 pawls

the red has 36 engagements and only 4 pawls.

i have a green one - it is nice

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How much are the Red ones? and are they much better than an ACS claw? which is what i'm currently running.


they're definitely gonna be stronger and smoother and won't come undone every 200 yards like an ACS. but all you're doing there is spending 60quid on an ACS with sealed bearings (you might as well get a welded ACS for 15quid if you're going to do that).

The reason for upgrading to a green one is the extra engagements - life on the backwheel is great cos you only have to move your feet half as far to get an engagement. Everything feels a lot more solid and responsive. You will actually notice the difference -which I doubt you would if you went for the red one.

You're better off saving up the extra money and going for the green one.

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the green one is the heavy duty trials version.

Where did the 'heavy duty trials version' title come from. The 36ep ENO freewheel is just as strong as the trials one. If not stronger. But the trials one has more ep's. There's not alot of point buying the 36ep one, might aswell just stick to the ACS for the money you'll save.

Don't forget the tensile freewheel that'll be out soon.

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