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Hey i was browsing the Onza Website when i came across This I personally think it looks sweeter than a drunken sugar mouse roling in sugar after swimming in treacle. I can't wait for them the finnish doing a few modifications to it and release it, it looks slightly simular to the T-Pro, looks about the same length too.


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Sorry to put a damper on your lovely find.... BUT thats ages old!! And i mean ages!

Its Onza's Ben Slinger prototype frame..

Last i heared about it its going to be called the Slingsoit if im correct :ermm:

Anyway i heared it rides really well..


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Yeah, that was the first prototype, the chainstays have been move further back i think.

So you dont hit the frame when going to bash (which you shouldnt really do if u wanna ride UCI :P )

BTW, the bike rides around 4 times nicer than the T-pro does.

Download the benslinger vid, where he wins the UCI trials comp, yu get to see the bike i ridden like 2 days before the comp :D :D :D

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I have heard of close friend's that Mr Slinger did'nt like that frame and wanted ONZA to redesign it, that is why he was hammering it about trying to snap it so they could change it.


That sounds like BS if you ask me.

If he didn't like the frame i assume he would say to onza, not try and brake the frame. That's just stupid.

Sorry jt, i just had to :lol:

Haha B)

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