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Does Anyone Speak Fluent German


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For my german coursework I have to write a 1500 word essay. Ofcourse Im going to write it myself, but I would like someone else who is fluent in German to point out (not correct) the millions of mistakes I am bound to make

Before anyone asks I am allowed to do this :P My teacher is also allowed to mark the first 500 words but the rest is up to me...

So yeah, please reply asap

Vielen Dank (Y)

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Was müssen Sie wissen? wann hat er erhalten, innen vorbei zu sein?

Kannst du nicht lesen? :P:) Ich brauche eine(n) Korrektor(in) fur meinen Aufsatz :P Ich glaube es muss fertig um Mai sein :S

Kannst du Deustch?

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I know a hot german teacher at my old school, you could try get in her good books.

Why are the german teachers hot, and why do the french teachers all have hairy armpits? :huh:

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