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Jamie Roberts - Video's 1 + 2


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Hey guys!

These are my 2 videos that i have at the moment. the first one shows my progression from 4 days of trials to 5 months, but only clips from my garden (N) so its not the best riding even at the 5 months mark, but i like it because it shows my progression :P (hence the name) Its in quicktime format because i have it in wmv but its too big! and the only thing i could do was convert it to .mov :)

Jamie Roberts - Progression - Video 1

Video 2 is one that i got fed up of the first video showing my true skills after 5 months :angry: so the next day after i made that video i went and filmed myself in some better spots :D So here it is (Y)

Jamie Roberts - Video 2

Hope You Enjoy Them Guys

Please Leave Your Feedback

Cheers Jay

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sorry but I couldn't really watch that... (video 2)

There was too little action in it. Nothing wrong with your riding, or what you had in it, but the gaps/waits inbetween each move with incredibly boring...

Liked the tune though (Y)

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So people are saying its not got alot of action or big moves who cares its good shows the new guys that not everyone is doing huge drop-gaps and and stuff.

If you're referring to my post I think you've miss read it compleltely :P. I don't judge videos by size of moves because I am not prejudice against peoples ability. I simply pointed out that the fact he left long pauses in between each move made it less exciting to watch (Y)

Just had to clear that up, not expecting an argument or anything :)

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