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Can I Just Buy A Web Address


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I’m using my ntl free web space to host a website I have made. Which is working fine its just address is a bit long. So I wont to buy a web address of my own. I don’t mind paying for it, because I don’t wont one of the free ones with all the ads pissing plp off.

So can I just buy a co.uk wed address off somewhere and use me free wed space at the same time?

Thanks Tom A

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You need to check to see if it's available go to http://www.domain.com

search for it, and follow the steps if you want to buy it.


You'll probably have to pay for redirection as well as the domain name if you're not buying webspace off the domain people.

Oh yeah, read the terms&conditions thoroughly - I narrowly avoided getting stung pretty badly (by changing supplier) when they changed the terms on mine last year.

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Go to www.ukreg.com - they offer free domain redirection (what your looking for) when you buy the domain off them :)

Yep that's what i use and ther've been brilliant so far (been with them over a year, quite alot). The .co.uk is just £2.95 a year and thats with free cloaked or non cloaked domain forwarding. Also plenty of free email forwarding accounts you can set up.


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