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P'boro Ride 15th January


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What's the riding like there, worth an hour and a half drive?

i wanna know too, as if its any good, i might come up aswell.

scratch that, il hve to get a bus from stevenage, so i wont be coming but im curious about if its any good for riding though.

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GOD DAM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you bloody students i've got diddly squat and unemployed!

FINE WHATEVER! :rolleyes:

Calm down Si.. We'll organise a ride here soon, theres a few people that wanted to come back and a few that missed the last ride, I'll post a thread for a ride on a sunday sometime tomorrow, maybe the week after this one. The weathers utterly pants here atm anyways, I wouldn't ride my village let alone go to town to ride Cambs.


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