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Dan Jones

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I thought I would share this video with you. I think it was filmed at the end of 2004 except the clip of the tree which is probably early 2005 and I never finished it.

The music is from the shins, which i found at http://www.theshins.com/.

Link: http://www.biketrials.btinternet.co.uk/DanielJones.mpg

File size is nearly 6 megs, and its 56 seconds long.



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Thanks for the replys!

The angles were a bit gay as well cause i wanted to see the first 2 clips again which were sweet! Was that a bunnyhop or what?

The 2nd clip was a pedal up but I tapped it a bit too high and finished pedaling quite early I think thats why it looks a bit weird.

I might try starting again some time with a new video, thanks.


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