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Could Some One Help Me Please


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One thats does not tell me about what ask and two Why take it out (Y)

thanks sam

I think that this means that the forum is still waiting for a reply by e-mail, for example its still waiting for you to activate your account or something. i hope i am right and i hope i helped. (Y)

Rob. B)

Thanks that help's me a lot more

sam (Y)

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To get your account validated, simply make a reply to an existing thread or start a new one within New Members Chat. We just want to know that your intentions are good and you understand the forum guidelines before we let you loose in the members area!

Tips to get validated quicker

  • Use the Spell Checker, it doesnt take long!
  • Dnt use txt tlk
  • Use descriptive topic titles, try not to use topic titles such as 'help!', 'Problem with....', 'where', and instead try and put as much information in as possible
  • Try and put as much information into your posts as possible, don't leave people guessing what you mean (this is not MSN!)
  • Do not spam/post irrelevant messages

Its not your bike (Y)

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