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Onza T-pro Rob

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Hi, i would like to advertise my website on this forum, it's not the best in the world but its a beginning.

I'm going to make a vid soon to put on, im not exactly sure when but i hope it makes a good one.

Also i need to add some recent pics of the riders, i would do that if i had the camera haha.

Give me your ideas if you have any and ill try my best to keep the site up to date, no point putting in news everyday when there is not much news going on or even non at all.

It could do with some pic's of our riders doing something haha but i have not got round to that yet. (Y)

So give me your comments, and i hope you like it :)

Rob. B)

oops forgot the link here it is http://www.freewebs.com/rob_trials

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not too bad for a freewebs template mate (Y) what forks are you running on your t-pro they look proper beasty!!


Their zoo forks, dunno what ones though haha. i got them ages ago off a monty hydra that i got for 15 quid, i used them on my onza t-vee and now the t-pro. The monty hydra was really smashed up apart from the forks, handle bars and front wheel haha.

I got the monty for a bargain don't you think? :D

Rob. B)

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