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What Makes A Good Video



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  1. 1. What does trials mean to you?

    • Short Big Moves
    • Long Technical Sections
    • Tricks
  2. 2. What SHOULD trials mean?

    • Short Big Moves
    • Long Technical Sections
    • Tricks

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Its hard to explain but I was speaking to a friend and we both agree that people (myself included) seem to believe that the UK trials scene is all about dropping the biggest, gapping the furthest upping the heighest etc.

Why? Anyone can do a big move, but its much more difficult to pull it off again seconds later. I think Vincent Hermance is a good example, when he does a drop to an front tap to another drop. (think that was an Andy T video)

Your thoughts/opinions welcome, sorry if its unclear what im asking. Don't take it the wrong way either, its not a witch hunt....


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For me it's big moves. Trials has evolved since the old days, but I still get excited seeing stuff I've never seen done before, or seeing HUGE stuff pulled off - e.g. I nearly shat myself when I found out that Ashton is doing backflips these days. The other thing that makes it for me is seeing a move executed flawlessly, even if it's not that impressive.

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Just watch "Jump", "Do The Goon" and "Do The Goon Again", pretty much...

Im in two of those B) hahaha....

tonkery films are great....

rodriguez' are awesome

and glasseyetrials ones . . ...

cant go wrong with those.

I would say to all the new riders who put out videos dont use thrash music if your riding isnt bigger than a house and nuttier than squirel spunk.

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I love watching a decent trials vid. But lots of them are 1 obstacle in 1 scene. Then its another scene and another obstacle. Then some sidehop onto a pallet. Then a pedal kick from a wall onto a handrail, then onto the road. Eventually they all become the same.... Boring.

Yer sure, the riders are great, no arguments there, I just prefer people to do trials... obstacle to obstacle to urrrr another obstacle. I love watching Riki on Canberra trials, as he adds flair and links a few moves together, over a few obstacles.

I just like to see people linking obstacles and tricks. I've watched too many videos of some guy jumping on and off a park bench, pedestrian rail, side hopping on pallets. I'm not trying to undermine what these people can do... I've just seen it all before.

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Trials IS long technical sections, but big moves and short lines are great...

The sport has changed ever since cities, towns, streets and walls were invented :P

Yea man great, you know the sports also changed a lot since bikes were invented too! :-

Trials is negating an object or series of objects on your bike without touching the floor (depending on the comp rules). I think getting up over passed and down no matter how big small far or wide is all trials. Some tricks seem to be part of trials although not a necessary part of it (not often seen in comps). Big drops is all about balls, tricks is all about technique. What is a trials rider? Do I have to be able to get over a 5' wall before I'm classed as a "trials" rider? Or is it the spirit, the ethos of getting "over" stuff on your bike. Someone learning trials getting up curbs is still a trials rider.

To me a good video is about any sized object done with style. I hardly ever see a natural vid on the forum (not that I look that often) and surly THAT's trials?! Street stuff is good, I agree with DeeZee that it's always one trick, edit, trick, edit, or boring stuff. I like to watch good sized things done with style. Yea a big gap is impressive but a big gap with a 180o onto a thin rail then onto - whatever is much better.



Manifesto technique

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  • 3 months later...

Havn't read the replys 'cos im about to go to bed but i think that Trials is about having fun! There are so many styles that it dosn't matter if you can tap 10000ft as long as you can have a larf and admit that there are others better then you (Y)

Cheers guys and have good rides :-

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I dont think anyone should be choosing between the three options you stated. In my opinion, it is a mixture of all three! (Y)

In a video, however, the music and filming is the biggest part to me. If the music and filming is good for starters, then you already have yourself a good video. You just make it even better by editing it together well.

The music should reflect the types of moves better respectively. For instance, in a street video there should be fast jumpy music with frequent changes in tempo to go along with the short big moves like you said, but in a natural video there should be slow music with no harsh instrumentals (eg. ripping 110mph drum solos) to accompany the aforementioned long sections of technical moves!

That, i feel, sums up how i prefer to edit my videos...



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this has been bugging me for quite some time as well. i have a particular interest cause im involved in drama and theatre production, and ive often wondered how to bring trials to the mass market. I was intrigued when the media started picking up on freerunning as an art form even though we had been doing similar stuff on bikes for ages. the only explanation that i have come up with is that we dont script our videos. Thats not to say "janet and john went out to ride their bikes and....". All i mean is that great videos just like great stories should have a beginning middle and end. they should have good artistic qualities, intesting camera angles, movement of the camera, movment into and out of shot (see below) and breaks inbetween the action for the audience to take a break.

One element i think is missing from 90% of trials videos and is the difference between freerunning and trials, is entry and exit from each shot. In trials vids when we tend to turn the camera on, the rider is already center screen, often 2 inches away from the obstical they are about to clean, they pop their front wheel, and as they touchdown safe on the other side the shot ends.Boring to us!even worse for people who arent interested in trials. Lets throw in maybe a camera movement form 90 degrees to the action before the trials starts, or maybe a close up of a detail on their bike then pulling back to reveal the big picture, then the trials starts, or maybe after they have cleaned the object, a quick look to the old guy watching from over the road to see his reaction, or maybe you could film from 3 streets away and ride toward rider so we can see whats going on in the distance but its not clear until we get close up. keep the audience entertained.

Why has noone explored having more than one bike at a time in shot? maybe you could get rider 1 pull a sidehop onto a wall facing the camera, rider two enters the shot from the right, and manuals the wall exiting to the left with rider 1 in trackstand where he landed when he sidehopped, then rider one drops of the wall and exits the shot from where rider two had entered. And if you throw in an interesting camera angle, or artistic location, you then have yourselves 30 seconds of very watchable footage. You see? script your videos!!

:sleeping: jesus that was a bit of a rant....

Just out of interest, who is at uni/college/school doing photography or film? Surley your teachers or lecturers explain the fundamentals behind shot construction?

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What makes a good movie? Probably unexpected moves, something you cannot predict until you watch the movie. For example I know that in the next Neil/CLS video I'll see 15 dropgaps out of which 8 will be repeated in B&W and in slow motion, 7 sidehops (all repeated in slow motion out of which 3-5 will be cut at the end so that we don't see the rider falling off) 2 bunnyhops and several gaps to front onto a rail (the rail being near a road).

What will I see in Felixes Marco's or TRA's video? One can only guess. TRA may be a bit more predictable but then his movies are incredibly well made, have a great choice of music and classic oldschool riding. It's the videos you will be watching over and over again although they were released a few years ago which are the best.

And IMHO trials is about getting up things and dropping, not only dropping. In the new school videos we mainly see riders falling off objects.

Show off your technique, the technique which manifests the bike being a part of you, the ability to ride smoothly and not that you can accurately fall down onto a narrow object because that's what dropgaps basically boil down to.

Please don't get vexed, I admire these riders for their immense skills and dedication towards this sport, I just don't like their videos. These were listed as an example.

Alex :)

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