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My First Video


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My first video :) Started riding a bit after the Bikeshow, so 8 months really. Video shows me at 6 months worth of riding up to now at 8 months worth of riding. I put most of this video together when i was a new member, but didn't get many replies so i thought i'll put a bit of new footage in and post it on here.

>> Eengoeidee Link <<

Hope you all like it and please comment once downloaded.

p.s. My hub only has 16 ep :lol:

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Ok sounds fair enough al give it a look see edti when i watched :) look forward to it

EDIT: Ok The riding was good to say you been riding fro 8 months your really giving it some pasty but i dont get whats with the music it doesnt suit your riding ability an is just horrible,

I could understand if your doing shit as big as neil tunni or sam wheeler etc but when your hopping up 4 - 5 pallets just gets annoying and very pointless, apart from music it was good looks like you got a nice indoor spot there :)

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Nice vid Jon...

You've improved loads since I've seen you (Y)

I'll have to come and ride the warehouse soon :-

I rode there tonight :D was the dogs mate...seriosly impressed..even if it was abit dusty B)

Vids was ace dude..have to make another one soon. youl be better by next week after riding with me lol (joke)

keep up the good riding , hope to ride with you very soon :)

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Im not sure if its just my monitor.. but was 90% of that video just really really dark.. and you couldn't see what was going on!? Good effort on putting it together though dude! Much appreciated!


it was dark...it is daRk...it is in a barn shed thing....dim light....:(

Fun to ride though :D

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Thanks for your replies people :)

Good to know what everybody thinks, as it is my first video......

So i will go with some mellower(sp) music in my next video.. I'm already quite a bit better now, so will get some more footage with better lighting in the 'trials barn'.



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