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Getting Back Into Trials

Nick Garland

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Hello everyone who might remember me. Gave up about 3/4 months ago, very bad idea. I see things have moved on abit no more toxsin one frame :o I loved that frame and was going to buy another. Anyway to the point, a few questions as I'm getting a bike again in a few weeks.

1. Are all the frames super long, with super short chainstays and about 50mm bb rise for stock?

2. What are the pro 2's like compared to a chris king (I used to have a ck so want to know if it will be a worthy cheaper replacement for a king)

3. What have I missed new product wise and everything else??? Any new weird advancements in geometry like the bb rise one?

Cant wait to get my bike back.


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Yeah the new echo stuff is real nice, but quite pricey...

New Zoo bikes look great, no news really from koxx, other than the blue race one with iluminous yellow rims... :P As sam said there's new echo 06 stuff, not much else to catch up on really...

New vids on www.selectbikes.com and also look on there for new stuff...

There's also:





If you wanna check out some changes (Y)

Nathan :)

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