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Photoshop Curves

Dai the Socket

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Anyone know how you make curves on images?

Me and Sam Holmes have tried loads of different stuff but haven't really found anything that's got smooth edges, they're really jaggy.

The image i've got so far is http://www.2plus1clothing.co.uk/colourfields/ on that page.

Cheers if anyone can tell me how you do it so they're smooth and stuff :)

Thanks, Nick

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Use the shape tool then rasterize the shape and ctrl and click that layer in the layers pallet then you have a nicely rounded selection to do what you like with

or even easier...

use the shape tool

rightclick on the little thumbnail picture on the new layer in the layer pallette and choose 'select layer transparency'.

you may need to invert your selection (ctrl+shift+I - unless they changed it again)

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