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Hope's Life Time Warrenty?

Chris@Onza rider

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i need to know about hopes lifetime warrenty, what it covers and if it covers my brake how do i go about getting it sorted.

Well i have a hope mini and it needs quite alot doing to it like needs new brass barell needs new bolts and a bleed and stuff i will have to ask caleb whats up with it as it was his. But would this be covered by warrantey and if i sent it back to hope would they do anything about it?

And if hopes warrenty does cover it then how to i go about getting it to hope and so on??

thanks alot for your help guys sorry i havent been very specific but if you need to know anything else i will let you know.


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By the brass barrel im guessing you mean the olive? i would be suprised if they replaced this on warranty as it is normally down to general use(wear and tear)

As for the bleed it is again unlikely they will do this on warranty as again this is also down to general use. As Siders said you can always send them an E mail and ask as hope are pretty good normally.

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lmao porter,

Nahh contact them they will say send it to them they will fix am replace the bad shizzle and charge u but it wont be much money.Hope told me they dont have a lifetime warrenty and they have never said they have, plus they only do it free if its due to there bad workmanship.

Clarky. (Y)

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I suspect the official line is a years warranty. Generally Hope will go above and beyond the call of duty - Help from them should be asked for, not demanded!

I think in most cases they'll repair/replace parts free/cheaply.

Tell them what product you have and what the problem with and ask if they can help.


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thats one thing im worried about, people will abuse hopes service, and they may well get fed up with it, which will mean less products will get done free/cheaply

dont send stuff thats stupidly old/abused and expect them to replace it, its pretty unfair and will reflect badly onto the trials community

be as friendly as possible though chris (not hard for you though :P your just a nice chap in general), and im sure they will be all to happy to help, by the sounds of it, itll only be a few quid for parts, and more than likely they will bleed and post it back to you for nowt :) good luck

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oh sweet well i will give them a email. If they say they cant do it then ill have to sort it myself, and if they ssay send it of to us at hope then i will love hope forever B) .

be as friendly as possible though chris (not hard for you though your just a nice chap in general)

Back to you aswell man, your a legend (Y) will catch you on the msner.

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