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Disc Brake Adaptors


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I'm currently running a 160mm Magura Louise, it's an old style one ('03 I think), and I want to get a bigger rotor on it. I used to run a 190mm Magura rotor on there but I snapped my Koxx Forxx, which have a +30mm mount, so I had to downgrade to a 160mm on my Urbans. This is nowhere near as good!

So basically, I'm looking for +20 and a new rotor (Aztec are supposed to be good aren't they?) or possibly a +30 adaptor if they exist so I go back to my 190mm rotor. Price isn't an issue but I'd like something that gets the job done cheap as long as it doesn't compromise on function.

Cheers guys :)

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Ben you're a lot better off just selling that, and buying a 2nd hand Avid BB7, I got my caliper for £20. (My 3rd one - snapped 2 :S)

Definately look into that. Will be a better brake, and probably cheaper!


I Have one for sale :D

pm me if you interested.

Mike i also snapped one...and now have a juicy:)

am now waiting for wall to bring me round som disc bolts ;)

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I just bought one of the hope +20mm adapters from chain reaction yesterday and it seems to be pretty good. I did find that the little tabs that stick out the inside of the caliper got stuck on it so i just cut the tab off. works a treat as well.

I also got one of the a2z version 5 disc rotors from the woollyhatshop ebay shop. It looks awesome and stays a lot cooler than my old magura one used to get. The brake hasn't fully bedded in yet but it is already so much better than how it was before i bought all these new bits for it.

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I'm going to be giving my 160mm avid the boost to a 203 rotor in the next few days so ill let you know how good the adaptor lark is (Y), now i've got some smart guys i should be safe with a decent front disc, whereas i was a bit dubious at having a very sharpe disc on a set of old lite guys :S

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