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Brake Boosters


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brake boosters help remove the flex from the rear stays. They just bolt over your existing brake, through the brake bolt holes (2 bolt or 4 bolt flavours). When you get them, you get larger bolts, to accomadate going through the booster and the brakes, before going into the mounts.

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They generally attach above the brake and are clamped on using the brake mounting bolts (whether there be two or 4 dependant on the brake and it's configuration) and oppose the force of the brake pads exert agains the rim, which in most cases causes the brake to rotate and the stays to flex outwards, hense reducing the overall force acting between the brake blocks and the rim.

In essence they reduce the energy used by the frame as it flexes resulting in a larger amount of energy and therefore the force exerted by the pads is larger.

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is there a difference in 2 bols and 4 bolt ones in performance?


Not really no, but sometimes your tire wont fit with a 4 bolt or something.

Surely it will make the preformance better, but not that much, just makes it alot stiffer?


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