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Fook! I'm Over The Hill!


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I actually laughed out loud. Hard. Sorry Steve. :lol:

It'll be ok Steve, you're now 1 year closer to a real pension! :P

lol though am not trying to make you feel bad it's just that I was watching this money programme on BBC 2 late night and it was on about people and pensions and saying if they don't start one soon they'll be poor when they are old and that. Just helping you ^_^

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Cheers for all your comments!

I have been contributing into my works pension for the past 5 years, although I know that when I retire (they will have raised the retirement age to 80 by then) it will still be worthless! My expectations are realistic though so I won't be disappointed - See you all pushing trolleys at Tescos!

Advice to those in their 20s? A decade of so much growth and excitement. I found that when you get past 25, and so are nearer to 30 than 20, those years are where you actually have to remind yourself what age you are. Enjoy it! Life is amazing once you're able to make that jump to supporting yourself and so able to talk control of its direction.

You think you're all grown up when you hit 20, but as you go out into the world and live comes knocking at the door, you'll never stop learning and growing. It's great. I certainly wouldn't want to be younger and loose out on my life experiences as a result!

I think that the key thing is to remember that everyone fails, and that time is the healer of everything. It's corny, but what doesn't kill us definately makes us stronger! Basically, when you get sacked from that job, or your girlfriend dumps you, dust yourself down, and start to see all the positives that have come from it. In this way you make your own luck :)


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I'm pushing 27 and ride with someone who is 27 and we both only started riding trials six months ago. So when we're 30 we'll be OK at it. He goes on (or used to) about being old etc - I don't give a shit, it's a state of mind. So long as you're fit, healthy and enjoy it who cares.


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I'm doing quite well at looking young still, which is a small crumb of comfort! Genetically I shouldn't be going bald for many years, and I think that I'm still sufficiently in touch with the youth of today through trials etc to keep thinking and behaving young!

Give it a few years and there will be lots more trials riders in my boat, 30+ with kids, still with a young attitude and keeping the middle age spread under control. I'm looking forward to having some company and exchanging parenting tips!


jeez steve i had no idea you was that old, i thought you was around 25 :S

Mrs Heatsink here!

He has been an old f**t for a long time its just that he has an excuse now :)

May need to start thinking about trading him in for that younger model ;)

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