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Andrew Hayes, Video 1.

joe b

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Nice one squincey..

Going big as per usual. Keep it up dude.

Joe...think were gonna have to tape you mouth...so you cant shout afetre evry clip :P

:( was only two clips... :P We need to ride Joe, talk on MSN!



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Lol, i was just annoyed and wanted to get it finished because it was crashing every 5 seconds.

And no clue what happened at 1:32, what happened to the end of the red rails?

Ask Bill Gates :lol:

When i saved it everything changed :S

thanks for the comments (Y) and keep them coming

cheers andy

Edited by squince
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Yeh good vid... liek that alot... Realy big moves and nice moves on the rails also!

Uve really improved since i last rode with you in Sheffeild... It was the time when you got your bag stolen (N)

I had the Echo Team... The one befor ur styled frame (Y)


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What frame lenght you riding L or S?

Im almost certain your bars are Monty? Is the stem too?

Pretty nice video, some big moves but nice locations for them, song seemed to fit aswell.

Cheers Olly

Its the short, and monty bar and stem :)

And thanks :)

cheers andy

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