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Before you get too excited though, I've downloaded this and tried it. It's OK, quite fun, but not a patch on the original and best.

Anyway, here's the link: Motorama

While we're on the subject, does anyone remember Action Supercross? This is the original elastomania, the one that got me hooked about 7 years ago ( :o ). It's basically just the same as elastomania, but more primitive. I downloaded it again and tried to run it but it doesn't want to work under Windows XP :(

We still have Elma :)

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Wow, im totally shocked at how shit that was.

They totally ignored what made elastomania a success, the bouncy elastic-style suspension combined with the (unrealistic) notchy leaning thing, which allowed you so much control over the bike. This seems to just be a game about kegging it as fast as you can over a course, with the least realistic suspension ever, it seems to be practically rigid.

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