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Favourite Bikes Of All Time


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im really in love with kona stinkys, more so now i own 1, they look superb i think :) im not so keen on the looks of the overbuilt dh bikes out

trials wise, the old pace rc250 is a thing of beauty, and ive seena fair few leesons and curtis bikes that look very sexual-again maybe biased as my old curtis looked beasty :)

bike of my dreams though.........hard to say, most probably the new charge titanium jump bike as featured in this months mbuk, its basically as close to perfection as it gets for a hardtail :) i really really really want 1, and i will get 1 this year if all goes well :$ gotta stop spending

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This post shold be more of a list what bike you own, but you can also list a few others :-

Cos to me thats what most people have done

This bike is legendary though! same goes for the 2000 T-Bird :lol::lol::lol:IPB Image


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