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right went on trials nation got this pop up thing, obviously a virus and now i can play no media in any player on my computer. :angry:WTF!!! scanned with norton, the adware it found it deleted, so now nothing comes up with the scan, but still can't play any media, the player just crashes :angry: .

if anybody could help that would be great.

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Try re-downloadng the media player you want to use?

Perhaps the virus infected some files that you needed to run the player, so when yu deleted them you still cant use it?

re-installed emdia player still doesnt work.

media player doesn't work, quicktime doesn't work, kazaa doesnt play anything back they all just crash :(

it sucks not beaing able to listen to any music :(

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I was just going to post about that. when i tried opening TN is downloaded a filel, tried to preview it as a picture but couldnt so it closed both the pivture preview programm and IE. After a few seconds AVG anti-virus detects a Virus/Trojan and deleted it.

tried 3x in IE and it downloaded it every time, automatically. in Mozilla though, it asked me if i wanted to download it. Obviosly No, since it's a *.wmf file and there's been loads of security warnings about those files the last week. Go Mozilla!

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