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Well..i'm thinking of getting a datatag for me bike :-

Just wondered if you can swap it between frames or whether it is a permanent addition to the inside of your frame/horse.

Say my frame broke...or i got sponsored by some hewge cool company that gave me a new frame- would i need a new datatag?



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no no

its not a tracker at all

basically its like an identification device, If your bike gets stolen AND recoverd, the police can hand it back over

to your good selves safe in the knowledge its yours because u have registered with Data tag and there will be the small ID dot on the bike somewhere to match that info

halfords sell the kit for 30 quid (microtag) but im sure they still run the offer if u buy a bike u get the kit free, u still have to register for 12 quid a year to keep ur info synonomus (i think thats rite) with the ID code printed on the small dots u place where ever u want. The kit for 30 quid includes 1 year of registration so u really save 18 quid by buyin a bike

u get around 500 small dots (although its had to place just 1 some place on ur bike) meaning u can use them on any item u want, Tv, Headunit ect ect.

Good idea and i pushed it when i worked at halfords (nout to do with the 1 pound bonus)

There u go

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