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Big Collection Of Bails / Stacks


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Ok so I enjoy watching other peoples misfortune, i've been away for a while and just wondered if anyones made a big stack / bails collection video lately?

They tend to come and go so just wondered!

Like the one in TM1 was great fun :)

Cheers in advance...

(Don't tell me to use the search function, I don't have three hours to search every post that contains stack or bail!! :D )

Also, on pinkbike.com wasn't there a section for crashes videos? Now I can't see one!

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the link i gave earlier was to the vid from stedman's site.

a few other ones from him on there, one super harsh bar snap down steps

and no u aitn twisted berridges video was very well edited and is great to watch, tunes etc work perfectly

i cant find the bar snap one? someone show me the light, or more specifically the link


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Gonna Crash - Berridge - eengoedidee Link

look how many times its been downloaded

that video is ace - my fav crash vid!

i made one called 'pulse.mpg' (and one called 'brains.mpg' - that is like 6 secs long or something) but i don't think its uploaded anywhere at the mo.

also making another one too, should hopefully be finished in a couple of weeks or months :turned:

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matt berridge made one a while back, called gonna_crash

was a great video to watch in general for some strange reason

think it the same one jsut different name


anyone know what the 2nd tune used is on this video?? :huh: i've got the 1st 1 (the primitives - crash) just want the 2nd :D

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Nick G's glasseye crash video is the best one imo, where tim pratt falls over the wall at the end.

haha yah, classic.

Is that the one where the guy goes up thequarter pipe to blunt the rail, and the bie flies straight over?

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