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Hope Stainless Steel Braided Hose

monty rider

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Hello, Right i'm fedup of popping and braking my Magura Pipes and i want to get some better ones so iv had a quick look around and i found a set of Hope Stainless Steel Braided Hose and wondered what they are like so, Has anyone got or ever had a set of these Hope Stainless Steel Braided pipes,

If so are they any good, Have you had any problems with them such as: Leaking or anything. Thanks a lot.


Cheers Phil

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They're practaclly the same as the standard ones only less trouble because you don't need to replace them as ften as they are a lot lot lot harder to brake!, the only bad thing i've heard about them is they scratch your frame!


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I was thinking about getting hope braided hoses for my bike and then found out that you can get braided hose a lot cheaper from specialist car shops.

as long as you know the correct diameter of the threads on all of the pistons and lever aswell as the internal and external diameters of the hose you can have the hoses made up for you a lot cheaper than you can buy them from shops.

im getting some made up very soon.

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