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Ello i bought some Zoo Cranks off a mate about 4 weeks ago and today i did a drop, not huge, about 9 foot and the pedal on the left hand arm just ripped through all of the threads when i landed.

What would you recomend for my next set of Cranks? It will obviously have to be stronger than the Zoo Cranks

I was thinking either the new Echo cranks or the new Tensiles. Does anyone have these cranks? What are they like???

Thanks Brett

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Well what is the point in getting zoo cranks again if they just break? Silly. Yeah i like the look of the Echos, i have a Vinco so they wont hit my magura like the tensiles will they?


it wont hit but itll be close. i ran mine fine, u might wana grind a little bit off the end though

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