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Best Cheapish V's?


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Need some new V's for me new 2.zero (the Tektro's on it blow goats). Once upon a time long, long ago I had a set of LX parallel-push jobbies that served me well - are they still regarded as good these days? You can get a full F & R + levers & cables set for <£50 these days which sounds like a bargain to me...but is there better out there? I'd rather not spend more than £50 if I can help it.

Also, what are regarded as the best (regardless of price) pads for V's out there? And can someone reccomend me a decent booster (and where to get it, they seem to be like rocking horse manure)?

And no I'm not going Magura yet. I had a set once (admittedly, an old set), and although they stopped me on a sixpence I always preferred the lack of maintenance required on my LX V's ;) Also I don't like disc brakes, so don't try and persuade me otherwise :) (I'm VERY stubborn, don't even think about trying!).

Cheers guys.

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I'd say get some Avid V's, no silly parallel push mechanisms to work loose. say some 5.0's or 7.0's but not avid levers cos the pivots come lose and get loads of play in the lever blade. i like XTR levers but there pricy. maybe some XT ones to save a few pennies. As for pads, i run spanish fly pads with a heavy grind on the fornt and the stopping power is simply insane. For a booster, try gettin an XTR carbon one, there awesome or have a look at somewhere like ; www.bikedock.com or www.supercycles.co.uk , the RB design v boosters are pretty sweet.

hope this helps. (Y)

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glad to see somebody with sense who likes v brakes :)

righty, best brakes by far are avid ultimates, they are now only 50 quid each (used to be 100!) and i love all of mine to bits, stupidly powerful and smooth

however, on a budget i would recomend avid sd7s, they are really good and served me very well

dont bother with deore, they seem to fall apart

if you want some lx or xtr cantis, i have some for sale, so gimme a pm :)

levers wise, ultimate or xtr are the only ones i would ever use, sd7 and xt are ok, but its worth spending the extra for the quality and feel of the others

cables wise, get odyssey linear slicks, they are cheap and have really good stiff outers that increase the power of the brake over most available

and as for pads, its between plaz spanish flies and crvs, i find crvs to be top notch but perhaps a little too good upfront, or try getting some heatsink backings, as they allow you to run any magura pad in them :)

well hope thats helped a little :)

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