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Burning Mouse Sets Fire To House...


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Faggot? HA HA HA, a little bit of an over reaction for just a mouse, they are considered "pests" but in peoples opinions that may be different.

Agreeing with Siders thats funny as hell. Bet the mouse was thinking, "well if im gonna go im taking you with me, muhahahaha!"

Nice one Siders! Stu (Y)

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I'm trying to work out if it did or not, there's a photo next to the article of a mouse so presumably it's the same one?

Looks unscratched though :S .


Well considering it run into a house whilst on fire and then proceeded to set the surrounding building on fire... I very much doubt it got out alive. Also EVEN American firefighters would have prioritised and put the fire out as opposed to searching for the mouse to save its little life. I'm sorry to any EMOs who were affected by the harsh truth I have informed you of above.

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