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Echo Or Tensile?


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I would say go for the echo's with a bash, as it looks amazing.

But On the other hand tensiles have so many good points about them, they have replacable pedal inserts and are very good cranks. But, i have seen some snap.

So i would reckemend echo as there an amazaing make, and they can be trusted imo.

And to be honest they look the shizzle.



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Tensiles are known to be one of the stiffest cranks out there. Not ever tried the echo cranks, but the tensiles are great. The new urban legendes are out now aswell, maby worth a look.

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Got tensiles havent run them for very long, yea a few of them have snapped but if you think about the ammount of tensiles sold they are a much reliable choice, whereas echo cranks new to the market may not last 4 months who knows???

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Hey, I have a Pair of Tensile Cranks and they are amazing, :)

I've had them for about a Year now and i haven't had one problem yet.

They are also a very nice Length too, also very stiff.

If you get some you won't be disappointed with them, then again i have never had a Pair of Echo Cranks and i'm sure they are very good aswell,

I would go for the Tensiles mate. (Y)

Hope i helped

Cheers Phil

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