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Bristol Weds ?


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Hmmmmm, i am quite tempted to miss one lecture and come down for this ride (Y)

Does anybody know where i can park for free or very little, as it is gunna cost me £40 on the train, where as petrol will be alot cheaper........


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hahahahamint ride my friends, some good stuff happened today...

found out i got the same shoes as si sagar

nearly got raped my a post

nearly went face first into lloydes wall at FULL speed...only my bike did in the end with some masterful jumping off action HAHA

bigman got SHIT on, not by me...a bird...that flys.

jon touched my ass.

got eaten my a beatle...

and more

haha thats how rides should be (Y) seeya next time i hope ha

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Was a mint ride, so funny!

got eaten my a beatle...

No joke! The thing must've been 6 foot long, it just came out and grabbed him off his bike!



Jon Shrewsbury decided to go in for a closer look. Negative results.


Bigman did get shit on! :lol:


Another funny pic:


I'll get the rest of the decent shots up tomorrow!!






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