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How Long Did You Keep Riding Your First Trials Bike?


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I rode my da bomb for about a year - the first half of that I was just bowling about, bunnyhopping up kerbs n stuff.

It's still in one piece, I had a quick go on it on sunday. I only really got a new bike cos it wouldve cost a fortune to upgrade the da bomb to a decent spec.

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1998 14" Kona Caldera. Lasted a 18 monthst then cracked it 4am on a freezing november morning riding rocks.

At the time it was about as good as trials frames were going to get. You either had a small xc frame or a monty or megamo, which were nigh on impossible to get and took non standard parts like 160mm rear axles.

Got a Pashley 26Mhz next, then anothrer one. rode those for about 3 years, then an Echo ES3, which I retired in June then a GMP, which I havent been able to ride much due to injuries.

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My first bike lasted me a year. It was a Norco Evolve and my brother uses it now.

Same for me !, Norco Evolve frames are very solid, but they are a bit heavy !

Had mine for not a long time, maybe 4months :unsure: ( that's because I had a great deal on

a Zoo! pitbull 04 ! )

Sold it, and it's still going strong :)

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