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We Are A Pissed Off Bunch Of Chaps Aren't We?


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you freak, its little GINGER boys

It would be if you didn't keep stealing them, thats why i have to settle with just normal boys. A curly haired one is the best i get.

You're hunting the ginger boys to extinction! :(

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Not quite. Post order is:

127 M. Hardman

118 Me

115 You

Although, that largely is 'cos I tell you to shut the f**k up/get over it alternately :P

What are the extra 3 for then? :rolleyes:

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Probably telling you to shut the f**k up :P Nah, I'm not saying I've never been angry, just that it seems most of my "Angry thread" posts seem to be talking to Simon about the shitty situations he regularly puts himself in :P

So true. :lol:

And Micheal complains when a leaf falls on his head, or he the wind blows in the wrong direction, so he's disqualified from the rankings. :P

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