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Uci Licenses?


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Right then. I have printed off a BC senior membership and racing licence form. Is this what I need to fill in??

And what license do I want??

Silver or gold?? and with or without a calendar??

If someone could tell me how to fill this bloody thing in and what else I need I would really appritiate it (Y)


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BC = British Cycling????? if so barbara wright knows which forms to fill in etc etc.

but if its a UCI one? dont know if there any different BUT you get british cycling membership for FREE for the first year if you go through NBTC again through barbara wright. but thats the basic membership. im looking into getting the gold membership and upgrading the one i have from the standard one.

im sure someone will shed some light on the situation for you. i wouldnt worry Mr Pedrosa :P


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You only need a UCI liscence if you want to do international events such as world cups and the like.

At which point you need to join British cycling and get your competition licesnse and insurance .... if your over 18 it ussually works out at £60 odd quid for silver membership.

You dont need a calendar.

From memory silver membership is lowest grade you can get if you want to do international events. The difference betwwen gold and silver is the insurance stuff.

Any dramas or futher questions just email me,

John Evans

Great Britain Trials Team Manager

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