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Sidehop To Both Wheels


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right ok here we go!!

i can sidehope not that much bigger that 22-23 inches but i hop get all lined up and that hop up to front wheel ( stillsideways ) then back wheel down and ther we go one niceish sidehop :)(Y)

but i have recentally been tryen to get my sidehops to both wheels cause its benificial.

so now is where i need the help to get the tips and triks to try so i can mayb get this techneek goin good !!

understand now ?



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I have always gone up to frontwheel then placed backwheel up afterwards. I really want to learn to go to wheels aswell, i can do around 30 inches to wheels so far, so not much lower than using my regular technique. I found just really committing to it helps, Going to wheels is sort of an all or nothing type thing.

Have fun learning! (Y)


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When I sidehop I throw my self up and sideways as high as i can hence 'sidehop' I feel starting from back wheel helps rather than starting on two wheels. This is the best way for me anyway seems to be working got to 48". Just keep practicing you'll get it, hope this helps B)(Y)

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