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Tut tut, no wonder nobody gets validated these days :sleeping::sleeping:

Why dont you try Ebay? or maybe if you have enough money, buy some brand new ones, from www.chainreactioncycles.co.uk or www.tartybikes.co.uk

I think TB do them? :ermm:

But anyways, how are your other brakes f**ked? you might be able to fix them? they arnt f**ked unless they are snapped/cracked ect....

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LMAO.... whats with the appalling spelling and cursing. Ebay is pretty much the only place for second hand, apart from looking on the sale/wanted board.

I'd be more interested to know whats wrong with the ones you have... they pretty bomb proof

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Matt you have a pair of maggies that are fine. you have just got it into your head that you can ride better than everyone and that you cant ask for help. Ian rides his trials bike in everyday and i will start again. you have maggies if you want some true honest advise just speak to me you nob

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