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Morcombe Ride!


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we r going to blackpool on sat so we will meet up wid u and kyle josh!! (Y)

we will be there at about 11am-6pm (Y)

make it on sunday less busyand more people will be able to come . we dont know where we are going yet unless your dad is taking you. speek to tom and confirm where we are going before you start organising rides.

steve :rolleyes:

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come i want a big ride so if you can get down get down


i would, but i doubt il be able to travel that for (like 100 miles :ermm: )

If you come to pick me up first, then i will :P

But it will mean travel 54miles in the wrong direction, to double back on yourself to go to morcambe :P then to drop me off later on :P

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gee whizz you don't half post up a lot rides.........every day there seems to be about 4 posts by you about another ride.


Yeah and? mabey he likes to ride other places than his home town, and it dosn't say theres a max' of ride topics you can post if you don t like to see it don't click on it then ;)


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