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monty rider

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yeah i sometimes do, its good to take in a variety of styles, it broadens your imagination and skills, which you can then apply to your own riding, i really enjoy riding all types of bikes, and it certainly helps that i can take skills from each kind to the others and makes me a better rider in general, although a bit of a jack of all trades-not good at 1 thing, just ok at everything :P

generally bmxers moves are applicable to trials, so you'll certainly be able to keep up with them moves wise, except when it comes to using pegs.......seeing as only a handful of trials riders use them

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BMX'ers "hey dude do you like kind of know of any banks round here."

Rich "well there the HSBC round the corner and the Abbey netional jut over there"

*BMXers blank face* LMAO lol

But yea i ride with them theres some good ones round here who we occasionaly ride the estate with

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I ride bmx occasionally i ride dirt mainly cos theres a few dirt tracks near me. i used to ride bmx all the time, but i started skating, and now i do trials mostly.

why do you ask?


Hi, If i rode BMX i would ride dirt too, I Skated before i started Trials but i look back now and think "Why the hell did i Skate". :ermm:

I asked because i wondered if you all ride with other people instead of just Trials Riders all the time.

Cheers Phil

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Yer i ride with BMXers and its great fun, he like to 180 everyfing, so, so do i :P

Bmxers also are realy sound guys!

They also find new lines which my trials mates havent seen. But i only like riding with good bmxers, none of these people who think there amazing and cant get up a curb, lol

And its a good excuse to go to skate parks, which rock to be honest.


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i have to ride with bmxers, i only have 1 trial buddy but he is at uni a lot of the time so im stuck with a load of bmxers, kind of gets boring just sitting at skateparks all day when you dont want to be a loner riding trials, especially when youve ridden every single inch of trials in the entire skatepark area, gets a bit depressing :

and it would help if my bike actually would stop f**king up on me as my rear wheel makes nasty sounds :S . snapped my front maggy ever too.



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