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Spank 40mm Wide Rim

Ali C

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right, I am pretty sure my nice new echo rims are too big for my frame (BITCH b*****d f**kER fanny)

I have spotted this spank rim with my high powered internet binoculars

spank me a good'un!

I am interested to know if it will take a grind....if you click the "datasheet" it will tell you its metal properties in great detail.

so if anyone can decipher it and tell me if its hard, soft or kinda in the middle that would be super!

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maybe i didn't look far enough...but Al6061-T6 is pretty vague...

tis an Al-Si alloy...and the T6 refers to the tempering process. The heat treatment causes a compound (of Al-Si...can't remember what) to nucleate in the material and these act as pins, making deformation more difficult..IE: harder...

and..from the hardness tester in college...i can tell you the hardness is ~106Hv(10)....

compare that to quenched steels of the order 450Hv...

unfortunately...i don't know anything about other rims so i can't really compare...


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isn't magnesium really reactive? so if you grind the protective layer off, wouldn't it just bubble is water got on it? dunno if im talkin bollocks, but it may be a factor.

It's not pure magnesium. Just like everything "aluminium", it's an alloy, so no it does not react but it may corrode a bit easier, I'm not sure exactly how bad it is but it's certainly not as bad as that.

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Ha ha! the heat from the friction of your grinder would set the thing on fire... And within a matter of seconds your rim would disintergrate at a temperature similar to that of the surface of the sun :P

On topic though, looks like they make an aluminium one aswell, maybe you will have to be the guinea pig on this one and let us know :-

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Adding the magnesium just reduces the likely hood of it cracking outright. Its not so much that its stronger, it just has loads more 'give' in it.

Incidently all aluminium your likely to come accross has silica in it, unless its a seven thousand series alloy. The Magnesium is bonded in structure and therefore offers zero chance of reaction. Its a good pretreated alloy. Thats all its saying.

Oh, but to answer your question, its a medium strength alloy, where as a seven thousand series is a high strength alloy.

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