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LukeDraisey! :)

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okay firstly, if you are a pro you can put PRO. before your name.

example: pro.dave, pro.craigleescott, pro.wayneo

secondly, if you meet a pro you must always give them a big hug of appriciation for what they bring to the world.

(especially if its pro.dave know as davetrials on the forum, because he hates it! (Y))

i hope you use these rules to bring happiness to pros everwhere, except dave. :P

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Exactly what I was thinking, cant understand what he means? Do you mean we should appreciate pro riders? Or is it a personal joke type thing? :S:ermm::blink:

its a joke, kinda

luke is very appreciative of any one, so he will hug sponsored people, say thanx a lot, that kinda thing


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If i ever rode with craig lee scott,and iran up to him and hugged him (me being about 3 feet small) he would probably grab me by my collar,pull me up to head height,and slap me for being such a b*tch,i think he actually hates me before meeting me,good topic,certainly interesting me,although i do have the attention span of a gold fish (Although i heard they can actually remember things)

zoo x x x


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i remember this lad!!!!! chrsit he hugged me through my bloody car window, i thort he was sum nutter at 1st then i saw he was with sexy mike and chris and i thort ye he bloody is a nutta!!!!!


he seems easy going, the chit chat in KFC was funny too :D haha he got well annoyed when i was saying sumit to mike and he was saying sumot to me at same time he got his hand bag out :P(Y)

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