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Computer Problem :s


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Hey people.

I have a problem with my pc.

When ever i start my webcam, or plug something into my USB port, my pc screen turns off, and the music stops playing, or my PC restarts by itself :S

It doesnt do it ALL the time, but MOST of the time.

Iv done a virus check with "symantec anti-virus corporate edition" and it only found 1 virus, and i deleted it using this programe.

I also done a Spy-Ware and found 2 spy-wares, and deleted them.

But it still happens :S

Can anyone help on what it might be?

Its asif the USB uses all the power the PC has to run, just to run the thing iv plugged in :S

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er yeah - you ought to eject it really.

does it happen if you plug it into a different hole ?

try to get it onto a different controller from any other high bandwidth devices - eg memory key jibbers or USB hard drives. it could - in stupid b*****d computer land - be drawing too much power or something stupid like that.

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I plugged my Ipod into the USB in the front of my pc just before, and my screen went blank, and wouldnt come back on (pc was actually stil running, but the screen wasnt)

But i resterted the pc, and it worked again :S

Maybe cause my pc is on nearlly all day, apart from night when i go to bed?

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Hell, I wouldn't worry about petite things like "ejecting" the device. I have thousands of USB devices, including a Russian made, limited production, USB mattress.

If I was you (Stranger things have happened) I'd check the drivers for the USB software, then ensure that your MOBO is playing ball, and has all the USB options enables in Bios.

It sounds like a crazy driver issue. Worth checking proper tech forums than a trials forum :-)

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That sounds like a driver problem to me. Reinstall the usb drivers, if you do not have them, you can get them off google as long as you know your motherboards make and model. Try that and it should be sound!


Hoot (Y)

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