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Master Cylinders On Hs33s

planet x alan

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Hey sorry if i am just being really stupid but when you say u have broke the master cylinder how is it broken? :-

I don't know how you brake them? they're made out of thick metal? if it cracked or something? or is it just leaking or sticking?

And wez, no the leavers make no difference to the strength of the master cylinders :ermm:

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I have hs33 and i reackon they are really good

i have the limited edition hs33s (gold levers)

dont no if that makes em stronger though.

wez :D

Nah, they won't be stronger, why make a limited edition 'stronger' cylinder? Just puts people off the standard ones.

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I have had the same back brake for over 2 years i have only ever re bled it, although i did split it but only once but then if you have it set up ok and you be careful it shouldn't split and i have the gold lever too its great it doesn't make any change to the performance or strength of the brake ;), its just a shame my bike has purple bits.


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My magura's seem fine i have had both 04 and 05, my 04 blew up as well, but 05 seems to be strong.

I have found that if you look after you magura, they look after you. Keep it tight, and do NOT let it get damaged if you can help it. They can take a beating, but the better you look after them, the better the preform, imo.

Maguras are not easy to break, they are well built, just need looking after.



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what happened was i started losing a biting point until there was none at all so i sent one off to magura and they told me that the master cylinder had broke :blink: .

how can you break a master cyclinder? i think they were lying it can only break if it leaks or the seals are buggered but never heard of it happening. Surely the pressure load is put on the slave cyclinder as its were the pressure ends meh what do i know im just a simple boy

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From fiddling and playing about with my magura when preparing for a new bleed,

i would say from my limited knowledge i have you can only:

#1 Cross thread the inner threads, there are two threads liable to this inside the cylinder.

#2 The barb may not be tight inside the cylinder, so then you get a leak which would explain the "bite" loss you talk about.

#3 The seal at the "bottom" of the cylinder on the piston could break causing a leak and again a loss in modulation.

These things are very unlikely though and rarely happen. Magura produce very high quality parts engineneird to a fine accuarcy. (Y)

More commonly, an incorrectly inserted hose into the barb could cause leaks and loss of modulation.

A crack in a cylinder :blink: hmm i wouldnt think that possible...

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