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Trials Moto Videos


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Ahh i was on making conversation as no one were posting on the thread.

Rob. B)

Wasn't usful though was it, thats the kind of thing that start arguments on here!

That vid was wicked! Lots of Monts self destructing :P In danger of sounding big headed the level of riding doesn't look as high as over here in the UK.

The guy on the blue mont who managed to go to front wheel on that step what a legend he is! how the f**k do you do that! :P

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Me too, I love moto trials, its looks so ace. Ive seen a bit on an old MBUK dvd (I *think* ) where ashton does some backwheeling on one, looks well hard! lol

it is :P

I've got a load of amature fotage that hasn't been edited to music or anything so i'll see if i can upload it for some people to have a gander at

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