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Odi Grips


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Ruffians! nuff said, last for ages give great grip and are comfy! (Y)

3 weeks, down to the plastic core with the lock-ons. Didn't have a lot of luck with the normies either.

Renthals for the win. Similar pattern to the Ruffians, but a little thinner and last for approx. forever. Cheaper too ;)

Google "Renthal ATV grips". Should be about £8 or so. Get 'em in soft. 'cos they're made for quads, who'll typically have riders using gloves, they're slightly harder than the "soft" you'd expect, but they're still comfy as hell :)

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Gutted, well mine are coming up to their second birthday :)

Your telling me you've had your grips for nearly 2 years? you must ride very little, cos i've worn down a pair of the 'Normies' in less than a month, and i doubt they are much different, what gloves do your wear? must be magical or somthing :ermm::-:-


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I would go for echo grips they have a really nice feel but after having them for about 3 weeks (of none stop riding) the grip has gone and when my hands sweat I slip off. I cut the ends off them with a hot knife when I got them and put the grips on then put my bar ends on. It makes them last that bit longer and protect's your bars :) . I would defiantly not go for foam grips though. My calluses ripped a pair of Monty foams to shreds in a day, Best £7 I have ever spent :ermm: .

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