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Starting Competitions


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Hello there welcome 1 welcome all

2 years, its hard, i think people like damon watson has been ridin for 2.5 years and other people of that length can just about back hop,

the best thing to do is first off goto BikeTrial UK Website

and sign up for a membership with the nearest club to yourself and aquire an ACU license (needed for all clubs Bar NBTC)

then, goto a trial on the day and watch it, enter if u like on a course u feel comfortable with, i think intermediate but again, depends on your level

everyone at comps are usually really friendly so just get chatting and you will really enjoy it

there u go

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If you come along to keighley on th 22nd of jan you can have a do at a fun trial organised by tyke trial, you need no licence to enter and if you are a bit lazy you should be able to enter on the day. see you there you know it makes sense. Bring some mates. Directions should be on the rides locations link by now. (Y):rolleyes:

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As your in Bristol mate, the nearest comps to you would be the hampshire ones (or is YMSA closer? my geography's crap....). But either way, the Hampshire comps are super fun, well organised and with lots of friendly people to ride with. Even if you just make the trip down to watch, you'll get an idea of what the comps are like, what category you think you should enter etc, etc. You do need an ACU license though to compete, all the details should be on the Biketrials UK website. (Y)


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