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Yik Trials Shoes? For £30!


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I don't think they'd mind if you got the wrong sise - but we're not the right people to be asking.

I'v heard mixed comments about them, for £30, might aswell find out for yourself.

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i have tried both the yiks and try all shoes and i can honestly say that the yiks are the better feeling shoe...they just wrap around the pedal so well and are so light...they just feel so nice, you got to try them to know what i mean.

they dont last too long though, had 3 months out of mine, riding them pretty much everyday on wellgo mags.

but get them for the £30 cause they are worth it. im getting the prototype yik shoes next week, hopefully they will be as nice but last longer... i will let you all know how it goes, they will be availible at www.selectbikes.com

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Yik shoes sound pretty amazing then, 3 months for a pair of shoes isn't bad ether. I think I will give into peer pressure and get some aswell :P .

yet me try all's lasted 4 months and are £70... and dont feel as nice... see what im getting at?

you want trial shoes be prepared for them not to last.

wheres the peer pressure exactly?

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