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Removing Tyre!


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Does anyone else have issues removing maxxis tyres from hog rims?

I did battle ages ago to put the tyre on, breaking a few tyre levers in the process!

Now i need to remove the tyre to re-grind my rim and cant move it!!

Whats the secret? Damned if i know!!!!


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Not a clue but the first few things I would try would be :

Leaving the tyre next to a raditor keep it warm so it expands a little, could help ?

And use something like fairy liquid lube it up see if that makes it come off easyer, it helped me.

Sam :)

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Brute force, tyre lever's and a smooth bit of metal.

Slip the smooth metal then slip a tyre lever in about 2 inches away from it then pull them both up at the same time. hook the tyre lever on to a spoke and push with your thumbs the smooth metal around so it is going away from the tyre lever. It's all down to technique :- .

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Lessons I learnt from past experiance

1. Don't use Motorbike tyre levers - dents the rim

2. Don't use plastic tyres levers - they snap, can smack you in the face, or get underneath the tyre.
3. Metal bicycle tyre lever work well - Minimum of 3 (Y)

Could help a bit :turned:

Like Samthebiker said, try leaving it next to a radiator.
That should soften up the bead in the tyre a little, making it easier to remove.

Just don't end up doing what my mate did, and end up in such a stress he wrecked his rim to get the tyre off :rolleyes:

Was a shit rim anyway :P

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I have the same problem with my maxxis tyre and koxx rim, it sucks. There nothing you can do about it I don't think. Try squeezing the beads together, it helps a tiny bit...

P.S: The people at tartybikes said they could do it with their hands...I say bring on a vid.

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Go hamper the chumps at your local bike shop (halford would be better, we would all pay to see someone who works at hellfrauds suffer) on the mention of halfords theres one opening near me soon, whats the hardest tyre/rim combo for a mod i feel like being evil!

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its been said many times before (possibly in here i didnt read all posts)

thumbs are the way forward, the way we use them separates us from monkeys

trialsboy, i agree with u i work in a bike shop, its great "can u fix this puncture" reply "yes" 5-ten mins later depending on which wheel it is "thatll be £8 please, 4 fitting 4 tube"

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Metal tyre levers are they way forward! Use about three and really make sure you've pushed them hard down to the bottom of the bead before you start levering away, work your way around in 3-4" gaps using the spoke hook thingies. This way involves the least effort, which is probably a good thing if you're already knackered :P

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