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Trials Forum Powerball Minileague!


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You can buy my blue neon one for £10 posted. :wink2:

You can send it back to powerball and get you money back - fully moneyback guarente if you don't like it or just get bored. ;)

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Just got mine from Siders today...

Cant get much faster than 7k at the moment, guess i need to work on my techneque. So much pressure goes on your arm, i cant imagine what it will be like up over 10k!!

Want me to add my score whatever i get? Just to get another person up on the board?

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How the shitting f**k can you hold it at 17k?

Can I also add that, according to the official powerball site, the fastest speed they've received is 16,218 rpm. So, send in proof and get a world record to yourself...

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